Better and faster student assignments


The new student assignment platform is exponentially faster and easier to use. Students can more easily track their progress, determine when explanations will be available, and choose to hide the timer.

Practice Updated FRQs for the 2020 AP® Exams

Prepare for this spring’s online AP® exams with our newly updated free-response questions! Written by veteran teachers to align to the new COVID-19 testing specifications, our updated FRQs help students practice for AP® History and AP® Government exams. With rubrics, sample responses, and full explanations aligned to the 2020 changes, our FRQs provide students with all the tools they need to earn a 5.

We’ve also added student answer sheets to the FRQs in all of our AP® subjects so that students can get effective FRQ practice in the time of distance learning.


Plus, we’re expanding our FRQ library all the time! Check back soon for new questions in AP® Latin, AP® Spanish Language, and AP® Human Geography.


New ways to manage student accounts

We've made it easier for administrators and teachers to manage the students on their license!

Now, if a school administrator verifies their school-managed email domain:

  1. Teachers and admins will be able to reset student passwords
  2. Admins will be able to restrict enrollment to school-issued email domains.

Administrators will be able to manage these permissions on the new School Accounts tab of their admin dashboard, shown below.

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 8.52.37 AM.png

To learn more, please reach out to or read this help article:

Thousands of free questions for Grammar and Algebra

Albert has made several thousand questions free for all teachers!

We've added free questions to three subjects: Grammar, Foundations of Algebra, and Algebra 1. Teachers can use these free questions to create assignments for their students or to provide their students with open practice.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 8.57.35 PM.png

Every question in Grammar is now free, and all questions in Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Foundations of Algebra and Algebra 1 are free.

As part of this update, we combined our high school and middle school grammar questions into the single subject Grammar, to make it easier for teachers to search through all of Albert's free grammar questions.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 9.00.04 PM.png

Tailored support for Regents and STAAR® exams

We’ve created a library of full-length Regents and STAAR® practice exams to help students prepare for state assessments. Our exams cover math, science, ELA, and social studies and include Albert’s signature explanations and alignment to the appropriate standards.


Find courses relevant to you

This new tool helps you identify courses that meet your particular teaching needs. These courses are saved so you can easily find them in the future.


Better and faster question browsing

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 10.47.54 AM.png

The new question and answering platform is faster and easier to use. We'll be releasing similar updates for our folder and assignment views later this year.

Duplicate folders


Teachers can now easily duplicate their folders to make it easier to create new or different versions of assignments.

More powerful search tools

adv_search_email (1).gif

Now you can create more targeted practice in less time The new feature allows you to more easily find questions based on any combination of standards, question text, and/or tags.

Saving Questions to Folders

Viewing saved questions just got easier! Now, teachers can easily view all of their saved questions simply by clicking the "Saved" button on the upper right side of their screen.


Once a teacher clicks "Saved", they can use any of their existing folders to create an assignment. Additionally, teachers can add questions to a folder, remove questions from a folder, rename folders, delete folders, and reorder sets of questions within a folder!


This feature replaces "assignment templates" with "folders". Previously, teachers could only view their assignment templates by clicking into each of their classrooms. With folders, teachers can create custom assignments more easily, save questions that they want to view later, and organize their collections of questions across topics and classrooms, all in one place!