Standards-Aligned Practice for Florida Students in ELA and Math

Our Core Math, English Language Arts, and Literature content is now fully aligned to Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) and Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS). Florida teachers and students can now search by standard and access student assignment performance by standard in preparation for this year’s assessments.

Florida Standards.png

Add Co-teachers to Classrooms

Teachers can now add co-teachers to their classrooms! Co-teachers can create classroom assignments, invite students to the classroom, manage classroom settings, and view classroom data.


Build Procedural Fluency with Core Math Skill Practice Questions

Repetitive practice can help students build the procedural fluency they need for success in math courses. That’s why we’ve added hundreds of standards-aligned Skill Practice questions to our Core Math subject guides. Check out this Skill Practice subtopic on simplifying radicals for a preview of the accessible questions and detailed explanations in our new Skill Practice levels.


Get Targeted PSAT Prep with New PSAT Tags

Our SAT® Reading and SAT® Math courses now include “PSAT-8-9” and “PSAT-10” tags for specialized practice at each PSAT® level. Search for these tags to see all the questions that can help you prepare for the Preliminary SAT®.

PSAT Tag.gif

Meet the New AP® Computer Science Principles

We’ve completely revamped our AP® Computer Science Principles course to reflect the CollegeBoard’s new course framework for the 2020-21 school year. Students can now practice with the updated units! Don’t forget to check out what’s coming soon in AP® CSP.


Introducing High School U.S. History and Global History

Designed for non-AP® classrooms, our Global History and U.S. History courses make history accessible to all 9-12th grade learners. Aligned with the Common Core Reading History Standards, National Council for the Social Studies C3 Framework, and NY, TX, and CA standards, these scaffolded, document-based courses support students’ content knowledge and historical thinking skills.


Quicker classroom setup

We’ve made it easier for teachers to create classes and invite students, so teachers can focus on providing students with practice. Now, teachers can create multiple classes and invite all their students to enroll in a matter of minutes, all from your classes dashboard.


Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 6.32.52 PM.png From this dashboard, teachers are now be able to:

  • Create several classes in seconds
  • Invite students to join classes using any of the three enrollment methods
  • Quickly Resend invitations to students who haven’t accepted classroom invitations

Assess Science Skills with New Diagnostic Pre-Tests

We have just launched new, standards-aligned “pre-test” diagnostics in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Science, AP® Biology, and AP® Chemistry. These exams assess the prerequisite knowledge and skills students need for success in their science courses. These 20 to 30-question assessments can be used in a virtual, hybrid, or “live” classroom.

Science Diagnostics.gif

Easily open or close access to independent practice

We've made it easier for teachers to manage which questions their students can practice!

Teachers can now restrict students from independently practicing questions, so their students will only have access to the practice questions they've been assigned. We've added a "Class Subjects" tab to each classroom, to help teachers quickly manage classroom permissions.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 3.42.15 PM.png

We've also made it easier for teachers to open independent practice for multiple classrooms, so their students can start independently practicing all questions in a subject.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 3.43.57 PM.png

Pinpoint Student Understanding with Core Math Diagnostics

Our entire suite of high school math courses -- Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Precalculus -- now includes diagnostic assessments. These 30-question exams are built to assess student mastery of the prerequisite skills and understandings required for success in these math courses. Built to be completed in a single class period, these diagnostics are essential to gauging student mastery at the start of a new school year.