More powerful search tools

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Now you can create more targeted practice in less time The new feature allows you to more easily find questions based on any combination of standards, question text, and/or tags.

Saving Questions to Folders

Viewing saved questions just got easier! Now, teachers can easily view all of their saved questions simply by clicking the "Saved" button on the upper right side of their screen.


Once a teacher clicks "Saved", they can use any of their existing folders to create an assignment. Additionally, teachers can add questions to a folder, remove questions from a folder, rename folders, delete folders, and reorder sets of questions within a folder!


This feature replaces "assignment templates" with "folders". Previously, teachers could only view their assignment templates by clicking into each of their classrooms. With folders, teachers can create custom assignments more easily, save questions that they want to view later, and organize their collections of questions across topics and classrooms, all in one place!

Clever Single Sign On

Teachers, students, and administrators who have a Clever account can now use Clever's single sign on solution to log in to Albert with a single click. Simply click the "Log In with Clever" button to get started.

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Note: Districts must connect with Albert before single sign on is enabled.

Student Dashboard Update

The student dashboard now includes a list of a student's upcoming and uncompleted assignments, organized by due date. Now, with just a single click, students can get started on their assignments.

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Exportable CSVs for school administrators

All of the usage reports available to school administrators can now be easily exported to CSV files.

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Randomize questions in an assignment

Now teachers can set the order of an assignment's questions to appear differently for each student. This can help prevent cheating and improve the quality of your Albert data.

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Assign free response questions

Teachers can now add free response questions to their assignment templates.

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Students can still not submit responses in Albert. They should record their responses elsewhere and submit them to their teacher.

Detailed standards reporting

You can now easily track how each of your students is performing on a given standard and which questions in particular they're struggling with.

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New and improved course library

We redesigned and reorganized our course library so that you can more easily find courses relevant to what you're trying to learn or teach.

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Updated subject pages

We redesigned our subject guide pages to be less cluttered and more actionable.

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