Manage your Staff

School and district admins can now easily invite their teachers and accept account invitations in a single place. Admins can upload and mass-email all their teachers with a single action, and can easily assess which teachers have been approved, and which have yet to respond to their invitation.


Analyze your School's Usage

School and district admins can now analyze their school or district’s usage on Albert, directly within the website. Admins can sort this data with just a few clicks, and group their data by teacher, student, class, or subject. Simply click the tab titled "Usage Reports" to get started.


Assign full length practice exams to students

Licensed teachers can now assign full length practice exams. These exams feature over 1500 brand new questions and 130 FRQs and mimic the real APs.


Reset student submissions

Teachers can now reverse student submissions if students accidentally submit them or if teachers want students to do additional work.


Share your assignment templates with other teachers

Teachers can now share assignment templates with other teachers simply by sending them the link to the template.

Search for questions by text, tag, or standard

Our new universal search tool allows you to browse questions based on keywords in the text, content tags, or learning standards. You can access the tool from the subject guide page or jump directly into a search by clicking on a tag or standard in a question explanation.

Student access to topics report

Students now have access to the same "Topics Report" that teachers do. To access the report, students should navigate to their Dashboard and then click "Analytics."

Submit incomplete assignments

Students now have the ability to submit incomplete assignments. This makes submission statuses much clearer and allows teachers to distinguish between students who are still working on an assignment and students who wish to leave answers blank.

Track progress with subject checklists

Teachers and students can use our new subject checklists to keep track of their progress through the course.

The following subjects already have checklists:

  • AP Biology
  • AP Calculus AB-BC
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP World History

We'll be releasing checklists for additional subjects over the next month.

Share assignments to Google Classroom

After syncing a classroom to a Google classroom, you can easily post your assignments to Google.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Albert will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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